euchem s.r.l. was established in the year 2000


we are world chemical  trading company  for many families of chemicals , see our portfolio products page.


our sources are in : europe , india , china , taiwan, south corea , UAE , CSI , brazil...


we can sell : EXW , FOB , CIF , DDP .. in isotanks , drums , bag, big bag , flexitanks.


we can also offer :


- storage for partner isotanks ( for all class )  in all worldwide principals ports, for italy also in genoa area e also for ADR products.


- we also have at disposal bulks in hemiksem ( antwerp area, beglium ) and in dordrecht ( rotterdam area , netherlands ).


- for our italian market we can use our deposit in milan area to deliver our products within 24 h from requ.



we propose as partner ideals of internationals manufacturers of worldwide distribution of their products